Thinking Forward


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Their new album came out yesterday and its great, check it out.

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have been sitting at starbucks for the past 2 hours studying and surprisingly got a lot done. Better than studying at home cuz I have too many distractions. My counselor/therapist told me today that she’s leaving my school and moving to Chicago cuz she got a full time job. Kinda sucks to be honest, ive been meeting with this girl every week for a few months now and she knows a lot of stuff about me no one else does. I was finally starting to get comfortable with her. Wish her all the best anyway, hopefully will ace this math test tomorrow. Procrastination is done for me lmao. Just realized the new title i put makes it seem like im selling a product but im not lmao. Excited for the weekend, westwood on thursday and malibu on friday morning. Need to stay focused though on this test.

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this show has 7 emmys

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King Krule - Ocean Bed

unrecognized talent right here. i promise you’ll dig it.

Are you in heaven, lover? I need you so, Have you melted yet, lover? For reasons unknown


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