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Feb 5

15,000 (Or So) Words


At the beginning of January, I pledged to write 500 words a day. Just over one month later, I’m here to admit that it hasn’t been easy. In fact, it seems preposterous that it has only been a month.

The truth is that it’s both easier and harder to write 500 words on a daily basis than I imagined. When I actually sit down to do it, it’s actually fairly easy. When I start thinking about something, the words usually flow. But it’s the sitting down that’s the hard part.

As a result, I usually find myself waiting until the very end of the evening to write — like right now. It’s 11:50pm. I have 10 minutes and 400 words to go. Knowing myself, I know I like this self-inflicted deadline. I always have.

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Love your posts, keep writing when you can, it’s good to take a break now and then. Don’t feel forced, writing should be fun.